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Lithuanian Media Published a Signed Article by Ambassador Shen Zhifei Entitled "China's National Security, a matter of no concession to others"
2020-06-05 19:56

On June 5th, 2020, the Lithuania Diena, published a signed article by H. E. Mr. Shen Zhifei, Chinese Ambassador to the Republic of Lithuania, entitled "China’s National Security, a matter of no concession to others". The full text is as follows:

The riots and violent incidents in Hong Kong in 2019 have posed a severe threat to Hong Kong's prosperity and stability, disrupted the normal social order of Hong Kong citizens and undermined the smooth implementation of "one country, two systems" policy. Hong Kong secessionist forces and radical separatist forces have openly called for "Hong Kong independence", committed shocking and even violent and terrorist crimes, publicly appealed to intervention by foreign forces, and colluded with foreign and "Taiwan independence" forces in ramping up interfering in Hong Kong affairs blatantly. All these have completely transcended the bottomline of law, morality and humanity, severely undermined China’s national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, posing a serious threat to China’s national security.China would never allow Hong Kong to become a hub of subverting state power, splitting the country or carrying out terrorist activities. China would never allow the interference in its internal affairs and the threat to its national security through Hong Kong by any external forces.

Legislation on issues concerning national security falls in the realm of legislation at the state level and administrative authority of the central government. National security is the foundation of the sovereignty and development of any country in the world. It is the essential obligation and responsibility of any government to safeguard its own national security. Around the world, not a single country will allow activities endangering national security to take place on its territory. As a local administrative region directly under the Central People's Government, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region falls within the jurisdiction and stands as an inalienable part of the national security coverage of China.The Basic Law of HKSAR of the People’s Republic of China also stipulates that the central government exercises overall jurisdiction over the HKSAR. It is the central government’s sovereignty and responsibility as well as the obligation of all Chinese people including those in Hong Kong to safeguard the long-term stability in Hong Kong and national security of China.In view of the grave situation with regard to national security in the HKSAR, it is the legitimate sovereignty and due responsibility of the National People’s Congress to put in legislation to safeguard national security of China in accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Law. Therefore, it is fully constitutional, justified, legitimate and legal.

The legislation of national security in Hong Kong is aimed at better safeguarding its national security, a pre-condition and basis of smooth implementation of “one country, two systems”.It will not change the "one country, two systems" policy. It will not change the social system or the high degree of autonomy of Hong Kong, nor the legal system in the HKSAR. It is targeted at activities and personnel subverting state power,splitting the country, organizing and carrying out terrorist activities, and foreign and external forces engaged in interfering in the affairs of the HKSAR. Never will it affect Hong Kong’s autonomy under the law, or Hong Kong’s independent judiciary and final judicial decision, or the fundamental rights and freedoms enjoyed by Hong Kong citizens. Moreover, the legitimate rights and freedom of Hong Kong residents will be better guaranteed in a more secure environment, and the interests of foreign investors in Hong Kong will continue to be protected in accordance with the law. People from all walks of life in Hong Kong have also applauded and strongly supported the decision of the National People's Congress in various ways, rebuilding confidence in overcoming the difficulties and improving the economy and people's lives. As of May 28, more than 1.85 million Hong Kong residents have signed the petition "Support for National Security Laws" at outdoor stands and online.

Hong Kong affairs are purely China’s internal affairs, brooking no foreign interference. Hong Kong is part of China. No foreign country has any right to make willful comments on it, point fingers at it or interfere with it. The policy of“one country, two systems”, “Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong” and “a high degree of autonomy”in Hong Kong are guaranteed by the Basic Law of Hong Kong and relevant laws of China, rather than “protected” by interference of external forces. Some Lithuanian politicians talk about “national security threats” around the clock, putting its national security at the top agenda. Lithuania also has a handful of laws and departments functioning to safeguard its national security. Then why is the justified action of China safeguarding its national security by legislation accused groundlessly by some Lithuanian political figures? The Chinese side does not accept it and is firmly opposed to it. The Lithuanian side remarked “EU-China relationship should by based on trust and mutual respect”, which we fully agree with. However, some Lithuanian figures repeatedly made improper remarks and moves on Hong Kong-related issue and others that violates the One-China principle and interfere with China’s internal affairs, showing not the slightest respect for the Chinese Government or people or trust.

The prosperity and stability of Hong Kong is achieved by relentless efforts of Hong Kong compatriots with the support of the great motherland. It is also the common expectation of the Chinese government and people. Hong Kong will undoubtedly prosper and prevail when national security is ensured. History will tell over time that with the "one country, two systems" improving constantly in its implementation, Hong Kong - the beautiful pearl of the East will surely renew its dazzling brilliance and radiance.

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