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Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Lithuania Comments on Lithuania's Vice Foreign Minister Pranckevičius’ China-related Remarks
2021-11-10 16:38

Q: Recently, Lithuania's Vice Foreign Minister Pranckevičius said that China's treatment of Lithuania is a "wake up call" for Europe, that Lithuania's move to leave the 17+1 mechanism was not anti-China, but pro-Europe, and EU has to speak to China in one voice. What’s your comment?

A: We have noticed the recent remarks of Lithuanian side on China-Lithuania and China-EU relations. These remarks confuse right and wrong, do not correspond to the facts and are totally wrong. Taiwan issue is a matter of China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The one-China principle is the political basis for China to develop relations with all countries which has diplomatic relations with China. Lithuania's attempt to make a breakthrough on Taiwan issue seriously violates the political commitment made when establishing diplomatic relations with China, and endangers China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. The responsibility for the current difficult situation in China-Lithuania relations lies squarely with the Lithuanian side. We urge the Lithuanian side not to turn back the wheel of history, and not to make wrong decisions. We also believe that all countries in the world, including the EU, will make a fair judgment on Lithuania's attempt to undermine the sovereignty and territory integrity of China.

The Cooperation Framework between China and Central and Eastern European Countries is a cross-regional cooperation initiated by China and CEE countries, an open and inclusive cooperation platform, as well as a useful complement to China-EU cooperation. The EU, as an observer to the framework, has been present at the major activities of the China-CEE cooperation for a long time. Whether Lithuania participates in the cooperation has nothing to do with the EU speaking in one voice to China. Stealing concepts and creating confusion does not cover up the mistakes made.

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