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Press Release
2021-12-30 15:40

1. The solemn position of the Chinese government on Lithuanian’s allowance of the establishment of “Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania”

The Lithuanian government blatantly violated the one-China principle, renounced the political commitment it has made to China upon the establishment of diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China in 1991. Lithuania was the first country ever having diplomatic ties with China to allow the Taiwan authorities to set up a "representative office" under the name of "Taiwan" or “Taiwanese”, openly creates the false impression of “one China, one Taiwan” in the world, which leads to the current difficult situation in the Sino-Lithuanian relationship.

The Taiwan issue is the core interest of China and concerns China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The one-China principle is a universally recognized norm governing international relations and the general consensus of the international community. Any government or politician with basic diplomatic knowledge would understand that setting up "representative offices" with the Taiwan authorities mutually under the name of "Taiwan" is equivalent to indulging and supporting "Taiwan independence," which is a malicious challenge to China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity. In response to the Lithuania side's decision of allowing the Taiwan authorities to set up a representative office under the name of "Taiwan," the Chinese side has reacted in a legitimate manner, which is entirely reasonable and justifiable, and has nothing to do with the so-called coercion or pressure.

China has always been committed to develop relations with Lithuania on the basis of mutual respect, mutual benefit and equal treatment. After the Lithuanian side announced its welcome of the establishment of the so-called "Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania" in July, China has repeatedly expounded its position to Lithuania, clearly pointed out the problem and sought constructive communication with Lithuania, hoping that the Lithuanian side would change its decision. However, the Lithuanian side ignored China's repeated warnings, refused to respond to China's concerns, and insisted on taking wrong actions. The bilateral relations between China and Lithuania are currently in a very difficult situation, and the responsibility is not on the Chinese side at all. If Lithuanian wants to ease the tension and hope for the normalization of bilateral relations, the fundamental prerequisite is to put right its mistakes on the Taiwan-related issues.

2. Lithuania attempts to transfer contradiction and turn the bilateral issue into an issue between China and EU, and try to ideologicalize it

Lithuania's current actions deviate from the one-China policy consistently adhered to by previous Lithuanian governments, damages Lithuania's national credibility, sacrifices the interests of the Lithuanian people, and also breaks the EU's common position on Taiwan-related issues. This wrong approach has been criticized by many people of vision and insight in Lithuania and the European Union. But some people are still unwilling to acknowledge their mistakes and reflect themselves. Instead, they unscrupulously spread rumors under the excuse of so-called democracy and values, deliberately provoke ideological conflicts, exaggerate camp confrontations, and attempt to kidnap the Lithuanian people and the overall EU-China relation, which is worsening the bilateral relations and goes against the will of Lithuanian people and EU as a whole.

As a member of the EU, Lithuania should adopt a consensus stance with the EU on major diplomatic issues, instead of seeking EU solidarity and support after getting into trouble. The relationship between China and the EU is a very important bilateral relationship for both parties. As a responsible member, Lithuania should make its due contribution to the promotion of the development of China-EU relations.

3. The accusation of the Chinese economic coercion against Lithuania is groundless

China always acts in a way that conforms to WTO rules. The accusation of Chinese economic coercion against Lithuania hyping about by some people is groundless. If Lithuanian companies encounter any specific problems in doing business with China, they can always report to competent Chinese authorities through normal channels. When Lithuania has difficulties in its economic and trade cooperation with China, it should first reflect upon itself, admit and sincerely correct its mistakes. The wrong approach of the Lithuanian government seriously undermines the political foundation for China and Lithuania bilateral relation, severely damaged the image of Lithuania and the atmosphere of pragmatic cooperation between China and Lithuania. As far as I know, many a Chinese companies no longer regard Lithuania as a trustworthy partner, and many of them have canceled their orders for Lithuanian products or no longer consider investment in Lithuania. That is the market's normal response to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. It also shows that the wrong policies of the Lithuanian government are bringing about serious consequences.

Herewith, we also urge Lithuania to provide Chinese companies with an open, fair, and non-discriminatory business environment, and not to exclude Chinese investment on the grounds of national security.

4. Withdrawal of all its diplomatic staff from China is a political manipulation by the Lithuanian government

We believe that under the circumstance of downgrading of bilateral relations to the Chargé d'Affaires level, it is a reflection of the actual reality of bilateral relation by mutually change the name of respective representative organization into the Office of Chargé d'Affaires.     Therefore, China asked Lithuania's diplomatic representation in China to reapply for new identification cards for its diplomats to reflect the change. This is a normal procedure of China's protocol support and management of foreign missions, which complies with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and general international law. It does not affect the fulfillment of their duties and normal life in China. They shall always enjoy the diplomatic privileges and immunity granted by the Vienna Diplomatic Convention. The fact is, without prior notification to the Chinese side, the Lithuanian side suddenly pulled out all its diplomats from China, is a self-directed farce.

The Chinese side always attaches high importance to the safety of foreign diplomatic missions and its personnel in China and  ensure that all foreign diplomatic missions in China including the Lithuanian diplomatsshallperform their duties normally. It needs to be pointed out that the allegations that Lithuanian diplomats in China were concerned about their safety and thus were forced to leave China are purely groundless, and is a kind of political manipulation, is neither constructive or conducive to bilateral relation.

Instead of facing up to and addressing its wrong acts, the Lithuanian side spreads disinformation in order to shirk its responsibilities. The Chinese government expresses strong protest over and firm objection to this act . The attempt to create the false impression of “one China, one Taiwan” and undermine China's sovereignty will never succeed. The attempt to shift the blame and blackmail China politically is also miscalculated.

5.We also have this stern warning for the Taiwan authorities that no matter how "Taiwan separatist " forces try to misrepresent facts and confound black and white, the historical fact that the mainland and Taiwan belong to one and the same China cannot be changed. Seeking “Taiwan independence” by soliciting foreign support is a totally misguided attempt that is doomed to fail.

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