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Updated Notice for China-bound Passengers on Applying for HDC Code
2022-07-01 22:26

Starting from 0:00 on 2nd July, 2022, the requirements of Applying for HDC Code for all passengers from Lithuania to China by plane, train, ship, international bus and self-driving car (Numbers of  transit no limited) is adjusted as follows:

1. Required Tests

All passengers from Lithuania to China should have one Covid-19 Nucleic Acid test respectively in two different Lithuanian legal testing institutions within 48 hours before departure.The 1st nucleic acid test must be taken within 48 hours before departure from Lithuania and the 2nd nucleic acid test must be taken within 24 hours before departure from Lithuania(Both are subject to the sampling time. The two sampling times'interval is at least 24 hours). the "double nucleic acid" test is positive at either one, it does not meet the application requirements. (If your flight takes off at 00: 00 on July 7th, the first nucleic acid test time in Double Nucleic Acid should be after 00:00 on July 5th, and the second should be after 00: 00 on July 6th.)

2. Requirements for Previously Infected Recovery Person

Previously infected persons,who refer to those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 nucleic acid or have not been diagnosed, but any test results of COVID-19 nucleic acid has been positive, could apply for "health code" after at least 14-day recovery. the recovery proving documents are as follows:

-- two negative certificates of the Covid-19 Nucleic Acid test (the sampling time interval is at least 24 hours)

-- 14-Day Personal Health Monitoring form

3. Steps to apply for the HDC code

3-1. Log on the website: https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/.

3-2. Register with email and log in.

3-3.Fill out the application and upload the following documents:

3-3-1. Passport Information Page.

3-3-2. Chinese visa or residence permit.

3-3-3. Lithuanian residence permit or Schengen visa (for third country citizens only).

3-3-4.Two negative reports of nucleic acid (PCR) test

3-3-5. Travel itinerary (including tickets from Lithuanian city to the transit city and from the transit city to a Chinese airport). If traveling by car etc., please provide the travel itinerary details.

3-3-6. other documents: Previously Infected Recovery Person need to submit two negative certificates of the Covid-19 Nucleic Acid test ( the sampling time interval is at least 24 hours) and 14-Day Personal Health Monitoring form.

3-3-7. For further information, please email chinacdaofficelt@gmail.com

For details about the HDC application in the transit country, please consult with the local Chinese embassy or consulate.


1. The test institutions recommended, all legal Lithuanian testing institutions are accepted.

2.Personal Health Monitoring Form

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