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Comments by the Office of the Chargé d'Affaires of the People's Republic of China in Lithuania on a Question Concerning China-related Content in the NATO Vilnius Summit Communiqué
2023-07-13 22:52

Q: On July 11, the NATO summit in Vilnius issued a joint communiqué, saying that Cstated China's stated ambitions and "coercive policies" challenge NATO's interests, security and values, and pose a "systemic challenge" to the security of the Euro-Atlantic region. What is China's comment?

A: The joint communiqué of the NATO summit, which reverses black and white, misleads the public, denigrates China's domestic and foreign policies, and strongly exaggerates the "China challenge", is a result of the inertia of the continuous fermentation of the Cold War mentality and the expansion of ideological bias, and further exposes NATO's ambition to meddle in the affairs of the Asia-Pacific region and to stir up confrontation between the two blocs. China firmly opposes this.

As the only country in the world that has enshrined the phrase "adhering to the path of peaceful development" in its constitution, China has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of international order. On issues of peace and security, China is the major country with the best record. We have never invaded other countries, never engaged in proxy wars, never conducted military operations around the globe, never threatened other countries by force, never exported ideologies and never interfered in the internal affairs of other countries. History has proved that China's development brings opportunities, not challenges, to all countries in the world, including NATO countries, so why should it pose a "systemic challenge" to NATO's security?

As a legacy of the Cold War, NATO has long been reduced to a tool for the United States to maintain its hegemony. In recent years, NATO has made great efforts to exaggerate the "China challenge", which is a poor performance of the United States to find excuses for using NATO to blockade China. The vast majority of countries in the Asia-Pacific region know only too well the evil intentions and political intentions of the United States and NATO in moving eastward into the Asia-Pacific region. We advise the few so-called NATO allies in the Asia-Pacific region that "beggar-thy-neighbor" will only make themselves more insecure, and "inviting the wolf into the house" will ultimately "lead to fire". The outdated Cold War script must not be repeated in the Asia-Pacific region, and the ongoing war in Europe should not be repeated in the Asia-Pacific region.

China urges NATO to look objectively and rationally at China's development and normal cooperation with other countries, to learn the lessons of history, to give up the cold war mentality, to stop engaging in confrontation between blocs, to abandon the delusional idea of moving eastward into the Asia-Pacific region, and to act as a builder of peace and stability in the world instead of a troublemaker.

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