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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's response to correspondents
2003-08-05 00:00
Q: What's your comment on the upcoming six-way talks?

A: The Korean Peninsula is China's close neighbour. China attaches importance to peace and stability in the Peninsula. With regard to the nuclear issue, China has adhered to the position of seeking a peaceful solution through dialogue and has done a lot of fruitful work to the realization of the goal. In order to launch the new round of Beijing talks and bring the Korean nuclear issue to the peaceful track, China has conducted in-depth contact with the high leadership of relevant countries and reached important consensus. China supports the expansion of the scope of Beijing talks and welcomes the announcement of DPRK to hold the six-way talks in Beijing. As the host, China stands ready to maintain in consultation with relevant parties to promote the early launch of the talks.

China has been open to the scope of the talks. ROK, Russia and Japan are positive towards the solution through dialogue. We believe that their participation will help to promote the process of a peaceful solution.

With respect to how to proceed with the meeting, both DPRK and the US are positive towards a peaceful solution. China has conducted in-depth exploration and discussion on the resumption of Beijing talks with the two sides respectively. They put forth many important ideas and views, which contributes to the realization of dialogue.
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