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About Tracy Zhao?s Activities in China
2004-05-30 12:54

At around 24  o’clock on February 4, 2000, the police of Beijing Municipality seized  a female Falun Gong member engaging in illegal activities at the Tian’anmen Square. Without ID with her and refusing to tell her true identity, this cult member claimed that she was a native of Beijing , named Zhao Yanhong, born on July 22, 1969.

Zhao Yanhong,  or Tracy Zhao,   conducted illegal activities at the Tian’anmen Square and disrupted public order, thus violating relevant Chinese laws and regulations. That’s why the police detained Zhao according to law. During the investigation,  Zhao did not state her true identity either.

Then, on February 10, the Public Security Bureau of  Beijing Municipality received Zhao’s passport sent by the US Embassy in Beijing.  After Zhao’s identity was clarified, the Public Security Bureau of Beijing went through the procedure of terminating the detention of her, shortened her stay in China according to law and ordered her to leave China on February 12.

It’s known to all that Falun Gong is a cult outlawed by the Chinese government. As a US citizen, Tracy Zhao concealed her true identity and conducted illegal activities of the Falun Gong cult, which no doubt violated China’s laws and regulations. What is more, after her illegal activities were discovered, she misled the public sucurity department by pretending to be Beijing resident. The handling of her case  by the local public security department is fully lawful and reasonable.

After her return to the US, Zhao, in order to seek limelight, said that she had seen China’s public security personnel mistreating Falun Gong cult members. It’s  sheer  fabrications and made out of despicable motives.

We hope that the US government will educate its citizens to obey Chinese laws and regulations while in China.

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