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Falun Gong: an Evil Cult
2004-05-30 12:54

This is a letter to the Editor of the Washington Post sent on January 10, 2000 in response to an editorial of December 31, 1999. After 2 weeks, we are told the letter would not be published by the paper, but we think that the readers have the right to know the real situation.


Some clarifications and comments are warranted on your editorial "Strains on China"of December 31, 1999 in regard to Falun Gong.The editorial called Falun Gong a "spiritual movement" and deemed China's measures against it "problematic". Facts have shown that Falun Gong is nothing but an evil cult that has all the inherent characteristics of a cult: worship of its leader, systematic mind control, spreading heretic ideas, amassing wealth, secret organization and endangering the society.

For example, its ringleader Li Hongzhi fabricated and spread such fallacies as "doomsday" and "earth explosion". Many Falun Gong practitioners were driven into such intense fear by these heresies that they became insane and even committed suicide or killed their loved ones. Li amassed $5.4 million through illegal publication of Falun Gong materials and tax evasion. 1400 followers died as a result of practising Falun Gong and refusing medical attention when falling ill. Falun Gong disrupted public order and stability by staging illegal demonstrations around media agencies and government organs.

In order to protect the human rights and fundamental freedom of the citizens and maintain public order, the Chinese government took necessary measures to prevent Li and his accomplices from inflicting more harm to others. In doing so, the government has made a strict distinction between the cult core members and ordinary practitioners who are victims of Li's evil cult, with the former being dealt with according to law and the latter not accountable for once they break with Falun Gong.

The government's policy has been well received by the populace and 99% of Falun Gong adherents quit the cult after realizing its evil nature, so in China Falun Gong has definitely lost its "momentum".

Yet some U.S. officials and media have criticized China for outlawing this cult and spoken on its behalf. They seem to be unaware of the pernicious impact of this cult and are trying to make a fuss over it. One could only wonder: Is it a double standard or are there any ulterior motives behind all this?

Yu Shuning Minister-Counselor (Press)

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