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Break Away With Falun Gong: Story of Li Yixiang
2004-05-30 12:54

(January 11, 2000)--Li Yixiang was born in Wuhan City in 1974. As a prodigy student throughout his school years, he entered a prominent university at the age of 15, and is now working on his doctoral degree in China's most prestigious Qinghua University. However, Falun Gong almost destroyed him until he finally realized its true nature and decided to break away with this evil cult.

Li Yixiang began to practice Falun Gong from May, 1996 as a way to keep fit and ease his stress felt from work and study. His health did improve due to a more regular daily life and moderate physical exercise. But he attributed it to the magical effect of Falun Gong. Misled by its so-called "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Tolerance", Li was brainwashed through studying Falun Gong materials hours after hours. He began to worship the ringleader Li Hongzhi as the master who could upgrade him to a "higher level" and was protecting and testing him all the time. By then, he had become a staunch believer of Falun Gong and was enthusiastic to follow its call, including besieging media and government institutions. He even announced on the Internet that he quit school and the Communist Party.

Li was detained on October 22, 1999 for taking part in at an illegal gathering. To his disappointment, Master Li Hongzhi did not come to his rescue as the ringleader's heresy promised. Li Yixiang went on a hunger strike and felt thirsty and hungry , yet Falun Gong did nothing to help him. It was his university leaders, teachers, classmates and the policemen around him who tried real hard to make him see the evil and deceptive nature of Falun Gong. The university sent teachers to visit him, helped him out from the detention center. Instead of dropping him out of school, the university made arrangements for his mother and uncle to go to Beijing to see him. He was deeply moved and felt deceived by Li Hongzhi who is hiding in the US with his family living an extravagant life while leaving his followers behind and instigating them to confront the government and face punishment by the law. Li Yixiang, with his eyes wide open after all these experiences, made up his mind to break away from Falun Gong.

"I feel very much at ease after I have been freed from the mind control", Li Yixiang said.

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