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Falun Gong Causes Another Tragedy
2004-05-30 12:54

(January 6, 2000)--Zhu Changjiu was a farmer in Cangzhou, Hebei Province. He had a happy family with a nice wife and two lovely kids. But ever since he started following the Falun Gong cult in 1996, he stopped caring for his family.

Then a friend of Zhou's family asked Zhu's father, a veteran of the Anti-Japanese War, to help Zhu get out of the cult. Unfortunately, Zhu did not stop practising Falun Gong. Instead, he hated his father for not letting him believe in the cult. For some time, he did not even speak to his father. He continued doing Falun Gong in bed.

On the morning of November 26th, 1999 Zhu hit his 73-year-old father on the head with an iron hammer and stabbed his mother with a scissors, killing them both.

Even after the police arrested him for the crime, Zhu still asserted that his behaviour would bring his parents to paradise and end their sufferings. He explained that by dying, they could leave the hell of living in the world. He also said his parents were due to die that day, saying that "According to the theory of Falun Gong, it is the right time. I can tell through my mind it is the time. That is why I killed them. In fact, I killed them to send them to the paradise. I don't think I did anything wrong, absolutely not."

The tragedy was a serious blow to the family. Zhu's wife suffered from heart disorders since the murders.

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