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Falun Gong Cult Has Claimed over 1400 Lives
2004-05-30 12:54

(November 1, 1999) Falun Gong in China, like the cults in the United States, Japan and Europe, is harmful to the society and people and should not be allowed to go unchecked.

According to incomplete statistics, Falun Gong has claimed the lives of more than 1,400 practitioners, with many others becoming insane and families ruined.

Most people began practicing Falun Gong for health reasons and were unaware of the illegal activities of the schemers, organizers and core members of Falun Gong. Once they knew the truth of the anti-social, anti-scientific and anti-human nature of Falun Gong, they made a clear break with the cult.

Despite scientific and cultural advance in today's world, some cult organizations such as the Branch Davidian Cult in the United States, the Aum Shinrikyo in Japan and the Order of the Solar Temple in Europe still emerged to harm the physical and mental health of the general public and jeopardize the normal social order. This phenomenon is of global implications and no responsible government should let such cult activities go unchecked.

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