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A Falun Gong Practitioner?s Will
2004-05-30 12:54

       July 7, 2000---Li Jucai was a school retiree of Beishankou Town in Gongyi City, Henan Province and once a Falun Gong practitioner. When he was suffering from cancer, he easily believed in Li Hongzhi’s absurd theories and suspended medical treatment, causing his illness to become worse. On deathbed, he drew up a three-point will, warning his children to stay away from Fulun Gong.  

        Jucai had taken an active part in the construction of his hometown after retirement. He was warm-hearted and loved children. Therefore, he was invited to work at Dongfeng School.  

       In October 1997, he was diagnosed as having cancer. Thanks to the early discovery, he was treated in time by the Attached Hospital of Henan Medical University. Just about that time, he was told that he could as well get cured without taking  medicine if he practiced Falun Gong. Jucai, who wanted to live but  was also anxious to save money,  joined the rank of Fulun Gong practitioners.  

      At the command of Li Hongzhi’s theory, Jucai stopped taking any pills or  injection. In less than one year, his conditions deteriorated. He began to doubt if Falun Gong could ever cure diseases.

      At this very moment, he learned about the unlawful gathering of Falun Gong at  Zhongnanhai, the site of the Chinese central government, and the government’s decision to ban the illegal organization. Jucai regretted deeply and made a clean break with Falun Gong. Nevertheless, due to delays in medical treatment, cancer cells in his body had spread.  
      On November 24, 1999, Jucai asked his wife to call all the family members together and announced his three-point will in the presence of officials, teachers and students coming to visit him:  

       “First, whether I live or die, I’m always a Communist. I once lost my alertness and went astray. As a Party member, my practicing  Falun Gong had a very bad influence, so I ask for punishment.  

       Second, Falun Gong is harmful to the people. I myself served as a lesson paid in blood which should always be remembered. None of my descendants is allowed to practice Falun Gong. Tell my relatives and friends that they must not join the heretic Falun Gong; those who have already joined should break away from it immediately.

       Third, I exhort all my descendents to believe in science, trust the Party and be law-abiding citizens.”  

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