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Commentary: Li Hongzhi Haunted by Own Guilt
2004-05-30 12:54

After the Falun Gong-bewitched persons attempted to commit mass suicide by setting themselves on fire at the Tian'anmen Square in Beijing on January 23, the "spokesman" for the Falun Gong cult in the United States Zhang Er'ping and head of the cult branch in Hong Kong Jian Hongzhang jumped out simultaneously to plead innocent with exactly the same words, proclaiming that the incident "has absolutely nothing to do with Falun Gong."

As the truth of the incident was revealed, Falun Gong branches outside China, which paled in face of the fact, rushed to make cover-up statements that those who burned themselves at Tian'anmen Square "are definitely not Falun Gong practitioners."

Why did cult leader Li Hongzhi and his pack try desperately to deny the fact that those who set themselves ablaze are members of the cult? Why did Li unmercifully turn his back on those bewitched cult members who gave up everything, including their lives, to follow him?

Anyone with any knowledge about the Falun Gong cult will easily see through this old trick that Li used to fabricate fact and confuse people. Under the disguise of "truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance," Li has tried every means possible to disrupt the public order of China and in the process has degraded himself to the job of lackey for anti-China forces in the West.

As Li hoots about "ultimate completion" and instigates cult members to confront the law, he does not hesitate to sacrifice the lives of cult members by encouraging them to refrain themselves no more and "give up everything for the truth."

Therefore, it is easy to see that if Li admitted that those who attempted suicide are Falun Gong practitioners, the absurdity and malicious motives that he disseminates in his "scripture" will be exposed and his deceitful "teachings" will fall apart.
In order to cover up their ulterior political motives, Li and his pack have no choice but to deny their links with the Tian'anmen Square suicide.

More importantly, Li is not brave enough to confess that Falun Gong, which has caused the death of more than 1,600 people, is of the same nature as other cults in the world.

In March 2000, 530 cult members were burned alive in a mass suicide organized by the Restoration of Ten Commandments of God cult in Uganda. Another 86 people, including two pregnant women and 21 children under the age of 16, died as David Koresh, leader of a Davidian cult in the United States, set fire to their cult compound in 1993.

The Falun Gong cult has induced women and children to burn themselves. Li Hongzhi, leader of the cult, who plotted the tragedy from behind the scenes, will not get away with it.

The anti-China forces in the West will face a dilemma if the cult nature of Falun Gong that they use to cause trouble in China is revealed to the world.

It is a common knowledge that cults are tumors of human society. Eliminating a cult is not only an urgent task for a country victimized by the cult, but also a common responsibility of the international community. Those who protect the cult are committing crimes.

There is not a single government in the world which dares to risk everyone's condemnation by allying itself with the cult.

If the Falun Gong cult confessed that it has connections with the Tian'anmen suicide, Li Hongzhi will put his masters -- the anti-China forces -- in the defendant's chair. He will definitely not risk the support of anti-China forces by telling the truth.

The suicide attempts by the Falun Gong addicts further reveals the anti-human, anti-society and anti-science nature of the cult.

Its heresy has caused the death of many practitioners who have committed suicide. Therefore, the cult has aroused great indignation around the world. Mass media from Britain, the United States, Australia and Hong Kong also reacted immediately.

Because of its nature of going against science and the progress of human society, Falun Gong is losing its followers both in China and abroad. Li Hongzhi and the Falun Gong cult have to throw themselves into the lap of the anti-China forces in the West.

Li Hongzhi's quibble is only a lie that aims to cover up his crimes and put the blame on the Chinese Government.

The farces Li Hongzhi has caused with ulterior motives will fail in the end. The Falun Gong cult cannot elude the justice of history and will receive retribution of its cruel killings.

(Xinhua 02/05/2001)

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