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Falun Gong Evil and Harmful
2004-12-06 00:00

Editor, The preaching and deeds of the Falun Gong cult, which is harmful to the people, the society and the nation, have proved it is an evil force with an anti-society, anti-mankind and anti-civilization nature.

In order to protect everyone's life and liberties, the government banned the Falun Gong cult in 1999. There have been criticisms from the West of our government's righteous and legal action using the excuse of safeguarding human rights.

Western conceptions of human rights is quite different from that of developing countries.

Generally speaking, the philosophical foundation of Western perceptions of human rights is individual liberalism while China, along with other developing countries, stresses that the right goes hand in hand with obligation and the right of a country to develop.

But looking into the words and deeds of Falun Gong practitioners and their supporters, we can find that their actions violate the spirit of human rights promoted both in the Western world and in developing countries.

Li Hongzhi, the head of the Falun Gong cult, preached that modern mankind had no value, and even regarded them as waste.

Influenced by such ridiculous heretical ideas, some Falun Gong practitioners have shown little respect to human life with some of them killing themselves or murdering other innocent people.

Li Hongzhi also alleged that all civilizations were a mistake while Falun Gong was the single correct religion and that can solve all the problems today. He attacked Christianity and Buddhism and said science is a "cult."

After Falun Gong was banned, Li's diehard followers continued to deceive people who didn't know the truth and tried to gain sympathy. They isolated the practitioners from their families and forced them to give up all other worldly concerns. It was habitual for them to threaten practitioners who wanted to separate from them.

It goes without saying that Li Hongzhi actually deprived his believers of all liberties by controlling their minds.

Li Hongzhi also illegally collected money from his believers. The preaching and deeds of Li and the Falun Gong cult show that they are aimed at destroying all the necessary conditions for people to enjoy their human rights.

Song Xiuju

Wuhan, Hubei Province (via e-mail)
(China Daily December 16, 2002)

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